The 2020 International Conference on Cognitive analytics, Granular computing, and Three-way decisions (CCGT`20) will be co-located with International Conference on Belief Functions. The conference has been postponed due to covid-19 pandemic. We'll post the date as soon as it is available. This will be first conference with the aim of presenting and sharing the innovative results in the areas of three-way decisions, granular computing, cognitive analytics and the research fields that are emerging as a result on research focusing on the relationship between the three fields. The conference will provide a great opportunity for academia and industry linkages and research collaborations both in terms of new theoretical solutions and applications.

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The topics relevant to CCGT 2020 include, but are not limited to:

  1. Cognitive Analytics:
    • Cognitive Modeling and Informatics
    • Cognitive Robots
    • Cognitive Computing in Health Monitoring
    • Three-way Cognition
    • Multi-granularity Cognition
    • Incremental Cognition
    • Cognitive Logic and Computing
    • Concept-cognitive learning
    • Mind Computing and Natural Language processing
    • Expert systems
    • Neural networks and Deep learning
    • Federated Learning
  2. Granular computing:
    • Information Granulation
    • Variable Granulation
    • System granulation
    • Concept Granulation
    • Clustering and granulation
    • Granular Computing and problem solving
    • Models of Granular Computing
    • Granular Computing and Data Visualization
    • Granular computing and decision making
    • Sequential learning
  3. Three-way Decisions:
    • Applications of Three-way Decisions
    • Three-way Clustering
    • Three-way Classification and Rule mining
    • Three-way Concept Analysis and Concept Learning
    • Three-way Conflict Analysis
    • Sequential Three-way Decisions
    • Three-way Attributes Reduction
    • Three-way Decision Support
    • Rough Sets and its Extensions
    • Near Sets, Shadowed Sets and Soft Sets
    • Formal Concept Analysis



Special Issue

Authors of selected high quality papers will be invited to submit revisions of their papers for possible inclusion in a themed special issue of International Journal of Approximate Reasoning.